Nootropics – Bacopa Monnieri

I suppose I should preface this review of Bacopa with reason as to why this is showing up on my blog out of nowhere. Over the last year I’ve taken a strong interest in the emerging study of nootropic substances and have been experimenting carefully with a variety of different supplements and compounds. Initially I was spurred by an interest in self-treating my mild case of social anxiety and depression and that lead to me researching quite extensively for a chemical key to the door that I had locked between the world and my experience of it.

After getting these issues more or less resolved, however, my interest in chemical human enhancement remained in their absence. Nootropics are drugs or supplements that enhance various aspects of human performance with no or very mild side effects. Despite their obvious benefits, the scientists studying them are often unsure as to why they provide these enhancements. This has led to many communities of people across the internet to assemble to begin rote experiment on themselves in lieu of more controlled environments. Unfortunately, research money is not given often to studying nootropics as their is much more financial incentive in creating new anti-depressants or drugs that can actually save lives rather than just merely improve upon them.

My level of adventure isn’t quite at that level (perhaps, wisely.) Even so, I have experimented with a great deal of substances although I restrict myself to those that have had at least a few clinical trials. About a month ago I began experimenting with an ancient Ayurvedic herb, Bacopa Monnieri. Touted as improving memory by the companies that market it, I was initially skeptical (as I always am) but upon doing further research I found that the claims did have some, albeit minor, merit. After a month of taking Bacopa, however, my doubts have been obliterated. I have found that not only has my memory improved slightly, but my depth of thought and focus have increased quite unexpectedly! I have been taking a dosage of around 500mg daily with my morning coffee and after a week I started to notice improvements to my cognitive profile.

In the last month I have probably learned more about computer science than in the last two semesters of college. Granted, my interest has been higher but also I am just finding learning much more fun in general! It’s almost as if Bacopa improves the ability to retain memories and focus through a sort of reward increasing mechanism. Multiple nights I have spent hurdled over my computer devouring knowledge and yet my energy levels don’t wane! I still need to sleep 8 hours a night, but it’s as if the energy levels that regulate the amount of effort that I can exert in an intellectual pursuit have increased by a large factor.

I intend to keep taking this herb and I recommend anyone else who is in college check Bacopa out for themselves. It’s definitely changed what I thought I was mentally capable of and has even removed such an idea from my mind for the time being. I’ll certainly update my blog in a month or two with an update on the nootropic situation. Take care!