Mini-Review of the Blue Snowball Microphone

I recently purchased the blue snowball from Amazon and I thought I would collect my thoughts on the product here.

Build Quality: Overall the microphone is very sturdy and the stand is not wobbly on my desk at all. The stand screws firmly to the base of the microphone and can be adjusted for height in a range of about 3 inches. The USB cable included is very thick and feels high quality as well. Also, it fortunately uses a standard Type B to Type A termination USB cable (similar to those used by printers and cable modems.) I always appreciate when companies use universal standards for cables as replacing them should something happen becomes a lot cheaper and easier.

Sound Quality: Very high quality. I admit my ears are not tuned to the wide range of condenser microphones out there but I would say that the sound quality is more than adequate for pod-casting, commentating, and bedroom studio production. A pop filter may be well advised if you use it in a semi-professional setting as with most condenser microphones.

Drawbacks: There aren’t many drawbacks to this microphone (given its price at the time of writing this article is around 65 dollars.) However, the primary downside is lack of zero latency monitoring. If you are someone who needs to hear yourself play or sing in your headphones while recording then I can’t recommend this microphone to you. Due to it being USB there is a noticeable delay which makes it hard if not impossible to record while listening to yourself. However, every other microphone I’ve listened to in the sub-100 dollar range that had zero-latency monitoring sounded subjectively worse in quality than the blue snowball which is why I went with it over its competitors (like the Audio Technica ATR2500 which has ZLM.)

Overall, I’m glad I finally decided to buy a “real” microphone and my friends are too as they can actually hear me over voice chat now! I would give this microphone an 8.2/10. If ZLM was added I would revise my score to a 9.1/10.