Evga: A Great Company

A very decent video card, for an RMA indeed!

A very decent video card, for an RMA indeed!

I finally RMA’d my 7900 awhile ago, and I received an 8800GTS 320 MB from evga in return for my 7900GT. This was a rather nice upgrade, after holding on to the disfunctional card for over a year, before RMAing it.


Fun Coffee-Break Game: Lost Labyrinth

I came across this gem while scouring the internet one day. It is a “roguelike” game, supporting multiple players on hotseat (on computer) and many randomly generated dungeons. This is a fun game to play for a few minutes or to try to conquer by state saving.

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HannsĀ·G HX192D Monitor Review

The Hanns G HX192D

The HX192D LCD from Hanns G

I recently purchased a 19″ Hanns G monitor, and so far I’ve been very impressed. Right out of the box the first thing I noticed was the extremely high brightness. This was quickly remedied by setting the brightness to 30 (which is what is what I still run it at today.) After setting the brightness I noticed something quite annoying. A stuck pixel. The stuck pixel was bottom right and bright red. I was a little annoyed by it but luckily, about three days later, it disappeared on its own (and a couple hours of running JScreenFix basic and afterwards rubbing it for about one minute.) Ok, so I really wanted it gone! Continue reading