Arrived Back in Tucson

It was an eventful 10 days to say the least. I found, to my dismay, I gained 5 pounds from the trip (which I’m hoping to lose by Friday.) The plane ride was somewhat boring this time as it wasn’t my first flight anymore! I played Sodoku on the plane and ate more food.


Visiting in Lewiston, New York

I left for New York last Saturday, and am now writing from New York. The weather here is great as it is around 60-75 degrees, which is a big change from Arizonian weather. I plan on going jet-boating tomorrow, as well as playing Monopoly (my favorite board game so far.) The reason I came is to visit my grandparents, who are fun people. I made it here safely on the plane, and will hopefully make it back safely as well. I am planning another tutorial for FL Studio, as well as perhaps, some more reviews (perhaps software instead of hardware and components for once!)

School Starting August 14th (It’s started now!)

Well, this is probably going to be the last blog update until school is underway. This year I’m beginning my Senior year at high school. This should be a more fun year, since it is almost over! I am looking forward to seeing my “at school only” friends again, as well as hang out after school with my good friends (as if I didn’t do that enough during the summer!)

-Update: (ok I cracked) School starts tomorrow and it is 8:30 PM exactly right now.

-Update: School has started, and being senior year, is pretty fun!

RMA for my 7900GT KO

The 7900GT Signature Series (a pretty close picture to what mine looks like)

Well, I’m finally caving and RMAing my 7900 due to obsessive artifacts. This was a long thought out situation, the major factor being that school is starting up again, and I won’t be playing too many games for awhile (plus I’m leaving on a vacation soon as a side note.) So, I emailed eVGA, and they have been very helpful so far along the lines of customer service. I will update here with the outcome of the RMA in about 1-3 weeks depending on how the process goes.

-Holding out a bit longer due to issues

-Received an 8800GTS in exchange!