Game Engine Revolution!

Epic Games released Unreal 4 for $19 a month and Crytek has announced $10 a month for use of the CryENGINE. Hopefully Unity will take note of this and reduce their monthly subscription cost. Even so, great things are happening in the world of game development! I predict that the next 5-10 years are going to be a new golden era for gaming. I think we’re going to see rapid changes to the design patterns we’re all used to seeing for years now. I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings!


Redington Pass shooting areas shut down

A saguaro cactus seen during the journey

A saguaro cactus seen during the journey

After trekking up the mountain with my brother and father we learned that the unofficial shooting ranges there were shut down earlier this year.  Apparently federal officials have shut the ranges down due to litter and noise pollution. I noticed that Wikipedia was out of date so I updated it to reflect the new state of affairs. Hopefully the ranges will reopen again someday!

Internet Censorship Steps Up To Bat

Right now, I am at a loss for words at my utter hatred towards AT&T. They have thrown the first punch in a series of certain blows towards a censored internet in America. This CANNOT be tolerated by the people of the US. They have started by blocking a few sub directories of the popular web-culture site 4chan, including /b/. Although I don’t frequent this website, I understand its importance to the web community, and also that any punch thrown in the spirit of internet censorship cannot be tolerated. My advice to anyone reading this is to immediately cancel any and all AT&T services citing this as a reason, and tell anyone else using AT&T to do the same as well. If we let them control the internet now, there may be a point where we never get unbiased information from the internet again.

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EDIT: AT&T has unblocked 4chan, and all is well (for now.) However, this could likely be a “test the waters” scenario, in case they ever plan on blocking sites in the future. Hopefully the splurge of internet activism that occurred will teach them their lesson.