Meditation Revelation

We all suffer, only some of us suffer for a purpose and others suffer for lack or denial of one. In life, we should always seek to find the pain that is most pleasing to us. We can never fully escape pain, but there is pain we can endure and pain we cannot. This thought has been brewing in me for the past few weeks and I can’t find any foothold at which to counter it or object to it. Perhaps this is just a personal truth in my life, but I am trying much harder now to allow myself the pleasure of suffering.


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  1. I think that pain is something that every living organism encounters. I believe that it is inevitable and necessary to help us grow and understand life. Many believe that pain is bad and pleasure is good but they are simply sensations that we either want more or less of (sometimes not at all). I agree with your statement that we seek to find the pain that is most pleasing which may be the “lesser” type of pain. I have spent many sleepless nights wondering why animals have to suffer and the meaning behind it and I’ve come to this conclusion: pain sucks. The end 🙂

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