Day 5 Summary

Well, it’s already Day 5! Things are definitely starting to come together now although I still have severe doubts that the game will be any fun to play by Day 7. Still, this has been a fun experience thus far. I’m planning to work further on the game after the competition is over as I feel there are some interesting things to learn from completing and balancing a game like this.

Today I fleshed out the combat much further. Guns need to be reloaded after expending their clips (although all gang members have infinite ammo to reload from still.) Also, whenever firing more than one round is simulated and the rounds can hit multiple body parts of the victim at once. Whenever the head of the player, both legs, both arms, or the torso is destroyed the player is dead. Currently the combat is completely autonomous although I find it is interesting having to manage your gang from a kingpin perspective rather than controlling them directly.

Tomorrow I continue to add more events and happenings and complete the equipment system. Also, I hope to be able to build a system to put gang members “on the bench” so they can heal and won’t be involved in combat. That would add a bit more strategy instead of just having them as meat puppets in combat to absorb a few bullets before being discarded. Anyways, back to work!


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