Platformer 2 Improvements

I’ve redone the physics engine for the game using vector-based movement. This has resulted in a lot smoother movement (especially jumping) and should make implementing newer physics interactions a lot easier for the future. I’ve also added water pools into the level generation (although the physics aren’t anywhere near perfect for swimming yet) and one-way platforms that you can jump through from the bottom but land and stand on top of. So far progress is slow but steady. Tomorrow’s plan it to implement version 1.0 of the “icecap/snowy” biome graphics. Then I’ll probably work on adding some background graphical fluff to each distinct biome.

Future goals for the next two weeks are sloped terrain and moving platforms. These are both features the older engine did not have so I’ll be embarking into new territory in that regard. I don’t expect moving platforms to be too much of an issue but I fully expect sloped terrain to put up a fight.


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