Platformer 2

After losing the source code months ago I’ve finally conjured up the will power to start fresh. It’s coming along fairly well but this time I am developing with procedurally generated levels in mind. Here’s a screenshot of the forest biome:

A screenshot showing off the forest biome.

The idea is that the map will have 4 distinct biomes based on the height the player scales or descends to. The lowest will be the desert biome with palm trees and cacti and other spiky things. Second up is the cliff/rocky biome with boulders that can crush you and lava pools. Thirdly will be the forest biome shown here and lastly the icy peaks at the very top. These biomes are subject (and likely) to change but it’s the idea I’m going with for now. Each biome with be equally difficult but the difficulty will increase based on the distance the player survives in the X axis direction. Therefore biome = unique threats but of scaling diffulty. Some games will start out in the icy peaks and linger there for awhile while others may start in the rocky cliffs.


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