My Review of ValhallaRoom

I recently purchased a copy of ValhallaRoom. This is actually the very first VST I’ve ever purchased. It only made sense after my foray into commercial music production software began with the purchase of Reaper about 6 months ago. I still would like to get around to writing a review of that at some point (hint: I love it.) Anyways, my initial impressions of ValhallaRoom were great. I demo’d the software for about 3-4 weeks and during that time I found that I could use this plugin on most sounds (at varying levels) to add a much more lively quality to the instruments. Most reverbs have this airy wall of white noise feel that occurs on long delays, but in ValhallaRoom it is surprisingly absent. Instead, very sweet tones can be heard even after long decays. On the other side of the spectrum, there are quite nice “Ambiance” presets that allow you to have very little decay but they widen the sound and give it that extra flavor feel of a chorus without the distortional qualities that usually entails. On top of this, the VST supports 32 or 64 bit. This is wonderful for us that use 64 bit native hosts. I would definitely recommend this VST to anyone looking to widen their horizons with commerical VSTs as a good first choice. I know it will provide me with hours upon hours of use in my home concoctions.


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