My Cognitive Dissonance

What is the point to life? Such a broad question no doubt warrants a yawn from many. However, it is a question we all ask ourselves time and time again. Perhaps it changes constantly. Perhaps it’s never fully realized. Perhaps it cannot ever be fully realized. However, this is getting too broad. To think, we have to weed out wonderfully interesting prospects. Otherwise, what do we accomplish besides yearning for acknowledgment of those concepts we only faintly grasp.  We can’t start at the beginning either, however. To give up all the knowledge we’ve accumulated in a lifetime is dooming ourselves to genericism and disinterest. No, we have to start exactly where we do start when our minds let us know that things are coming online. Where is this in the overall balance between nothing and everything? Whose to say. Very paradoxical that one can ramble on and on about coherent thinking when ones’ own thoughts are so dissonant.


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