Record Keeping for the Modern Man

These days many of us have a great tool available to us that many before did not: the Internet. It is useful for many things but one thing that I have slowly begun to realize about growing up with the internet is that it really is a great record keeping device. Recently I stumbled upon a forum I used to post on, and luckily for me, it was still online. I decided to read a few things that I had posted back then and it was interesting to see how my perspective on things such as technology and other topics had changed (quite drastically) since then. Even looking back on the earlier posts on this blog I see many subtle changes in my psyche and in my world image. Many of us have left great traces on the history of the internet that we could go back and look and see some of the ways we thought, etc, but now that Twitter and Facebook and many other social networking sites are growing larger and more commonplace, even our small day-to-day activities and thoughts may be preserved for our future selves to read and reflect on.


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