When will Windows XP be useless?

So, with Windows 7 now live, one has to wonder: when will Windows XP finally kick the bucket for good? Windows 7 is poised to get at least a few of them to upgrade, but will it really be the bombshell release Microsoft needs to get windows users to be paying windows users? In my opinion, there are 3 changes that would be beneficial in getting more people to switch to windows 7 from XP.

  1. Let’s face it, a lot of people only use computers for web browsing, email checking, and perhaps a bit of video watching, etc. Why not create a super stripped down version of Windows 7 to allow all these things, and make it free, as long as one has a valid XP or Vista key. Once they have used Windows 7 for awhile, and realize that it’s better, they may decide that they want more out of their OS and upgrade to a home license. This is a far better strategy than just hoping they spend a large sum of money to format and reinstall windows, just to hope it was worth it in the end.
  2. The internet evolves. Windows XP has all the features that one needs to access pretty much any content on the internet. If you just use your computer for day to day tasks, and browse the web, you really don’t need to upgrade to the latest and greatest OS. However, if the internet evolves to the point where certain OS features are required to get the most out of the internet experience, people may see the benefits of upgrading. Perhaps integrating social networking into the OS and having a more exciting way to browse the internet such as social bookmarking between Windows 7 users, and built it right into the OS. This way, the people who buy the newer OS will be experiencing a more fulfilling online experience, and those holding on to XP will have to either upgrade or be left out of the loop.
  3. Hardware requirements. This is pretty much the long term reason that people will have to upgrade eventually. Eventually having 4-16 gigabytes of ram will become necessary even for business/home computers to function nicely, and although there is a 64 bit version of XP, the majority of XP users are running 32 bit. They will eventually need more RAM, and when this change happens, Microsoft better hope that it has the best OS and marketing to go along with it to catch the storm of users upgrading their OS out of necessity. If Microsoft is wise, they will invest the most in marketing and developing Windows 7, as this shift will most likely happen either during this OS or the next one, and either way, Microsoft should be in the lead to give peoples’ opinions of Windows to shift in their favor.

In the long run, those XP users are pretty much up for grabs, as they will switch their OS when they need to, and be it to OSX or Windows, is pretty much anyone’s guess.



  1. You make a good point about the general computer users slowly porting over to a more internet-based OS. As more and more apps are being handled online, the desktop app space seems to be dimishing. Microsoft still believes there is money to be made in these desktop apps and seemed to have failed to notice the ongoing trend. However, Google’s OS (Chrome) is more appropriately considerate of the trend and the OS that Google is developing is more heavily based on internet apps.

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