It has… Evolved!

Well, this project is going in all the right directions, and since I have learned quite a bit of programming now I may ACTUALLY finish it! The unwritten goals for this projects are: randomly generated areas (pretty much all that this demo shows off so far) and high score via intense arcade like action (not yet added :P) Anyways, you can download the demo here (shows off the map generation I have going in a fancyish way) Also, you can hit ‘r’ while viewing the demo to generate a new random map. This has taken me about… 8-9 hours at this point (to make the generation algorithm, which I then ported from C++ to Java because I wanted to use graphics and I only know how to in Java thus far.) Here’s a screenshot for the only slightly curious:

chunkThis is only a portion of the screen, mainly since I wanted to retain the full zoom level and still show what the generator is capable of somewhat. Download the .rar file though to experience all that it has to offer (not much yet!)



  1. Of course, I can see what the generator is doing while working on it. I mainly put together this little panner thing at the last minute to showcase the levels. Also, yes, I really DO want to make an applet, but I haven’t learned how to do so yet ๐Ÿ˜›

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