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Well, I’ve been debating what to add to the game, and I realize now, I need a good planned outline for this to be a success. I’ve recently tidied up the map graphics, tweaked speeds a tiny bit, and you now have to explore to reveal the map / goal. My plans for this game are to make it somewhat of a roguelike but without the turn based attribute. This idea is pretty much inspired by Spelunky (which by the way is an awesome game), but I aim to combine the fast action that Spelunky is so good at a more long term aspiration (in detail further down), all with a zelda-like flavor of combat. This is quite an ambitious goal, I know, but that is the plan so far. Of course, for those who read this blog regularly, you know my commitment to projects isn’t the best, but I do aim to at least work on it to the point of there being some challenge to it.

That being said, I will most likely begin working on some sort of combat system today. I want there to be a sword, bow, and bombs in the game to start, and at least three monster types. The idea is that even though your character will die and be lost forever, that you will be able to constantly improve other things, such as stats that may unlock new game modes and features in the program. One such game mode may be multiplayer, but it would require unlocking most likely, and not be available from the beginning (to avoid new players not understanding the game) and it would be fairly easy to unlock, by simply getting to floor 3 or something in single player.

Now, there are a few major hurdles to overcome for this to be a success. Porting it to an applet is one minor concern, but shouldn’t be too hard. Also, learning to do real-time networking is a big hurdle to overcome. Here is the plan I have laid out thus far.

Keep in mind that this list of goals is subject to change at ANY time, and is in no way a guarantee. Also, the features mentioned are things that I plan to have before or at that version release, and therefore, they could come sooner. If they will come later, I will most likely make a new post about it, to let anyone who’s following the project know.

v10 – Implement a challenge (monsters, combat)  into the game, and high scores

v20 – Increase the span of the dungeon to more than one floor worth of rooms, and redo the generator to produce more interesting results.

v30 – Implement statistic framework for achievements and rewards (though no rewards yet)

v40 – By this release I am 10 versions away from alpha stage, and I will basically be polishing off all the features added in the last 39 versions, and also preparing minor tweaks to get it ready for v50

v50 – Alpha release of the game. This is the first release that I will deem ready for play. Although I do promote anyone that wants to, to test out the prior releases (if made available) it would be mainly to help me with testing and not to just play for fun. So by this release, the game has to be fun to play.

v60-v100 – Mainly unplanned for now. Key features of these releases may include multiplayer, rewards, online high scores, applet version of the game with its own website, etc. This is the phase of the game from alpha to beta (v90) to release (v100 or 1.0)

Any comments on my outlining plan? Please leave them as a comment below or twitter me (Epitaph64) with them!


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  1. my ideas (IMHO):

    – mockup: create some mockup, on a paper, for everything, help you to visualize your future work,

    – testing: open your system as soon is possibile to testing for some people, and consider his/her opinion,

    – analyze: great idea don’t grow alone. You need to write your idea, think before for your algoritms and so on. Keep in mind: analisis is your best allies,

    – documentation: keep your work explained, even for your: in long-term work is a bonus for your work 😀

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