The Lack of Updates

Well, I recently figured out that the reason I haven’t been able to program is due to the remark of someone I think of as a friend. They commented to me that I was wasting my time programming things unoriginal, and although I thought it hadn’t affected me, it had. Then, all of a sudden tonight, I realized that the reason I hadn’t programmed wasn’t due to the fact I didn’t want to start a big project or any other reason, it was that my friend has insulted my creativity and me as well. I resolved that conflict within myself, and now am feeling a lot better about my skills and my learning process is back into full speed. Here’s a screenshot of a small thing I’m working on at 4:30 AM due to my renewed vigor. I realized that learning to program is the first step, and I can’t expect to begin some creative venture in programming until my fundamentals are strong.


In this screenshot, I’ve just got a deck shuffler and displayer functioning using enums. This will allow scoring of hands and other useful things to be developed much faster and potentially with less bugs due to the simplicity of them. Overall, I am feeling very pleased with myself and my skills again. Although I am in no way a great programmer, I now am back on track for learning more, and am grateful that I came upon the reason for my lack of motivation.



  1. Hello,

    Your post really drives home one of the points I made today on a similar topic “Other Aspects of Creativity Explored.” It is so reassuring to read about your reasoning which worked out the issue and helped you to get back on track with your project. As you pointed out, it is not always laziness that prevents us from completing a piece of work. There are times when we do not feel appreciated, even by ourselves and we put up fences that prevent us from being all that we are capable of being through our creative genius. Congratulations on moving beyond those barriers. You have inspired me, that’s for sure! And, just imagine how many others that you may never know with your encouraging experience revealed in this post.


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