Java Platform Game Experiments Continue!

platscreenSo, I finally got a few things working, like basic collision detection and map loading from a text file. I’ll probably work on adding some sort of challenge to the game, and a win condition for each level. Also, I may look at extracting the txt files from a zip file to save space, as the 48 kb of 3 levels compressed ended up being 950 bytes. That’s a pretty big space saver!

Anyways, I’m going to release a demo to fool around with for anyone interested, so here it is.

It’s not the greatest, but I did include my ad-hoc level editor with it, so you can use that to make a level, and play it in the game. Controls are as follows:

In game: Arrow keys to move, and space to jump. Shift to run.

In editor: Arrow Keys to navigate, right click to select tile, left click to place tile, f2 to save. (it will make a file called level_2.txt in the root, just rename it to level_1.txt and replace the current level_1.txt in the data folder to play your level.) Also, you can send me any creative levels since I may use them if I don’t feel like developing a ton of content right away.


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