jBomber r3

A new screenshot!

A new screenshot!

I’ve recently added a few things, and touched up a few other ones. Among them, smooth movement between tiles, chain bombing by holding down your bomb key and walking (for us lazies >:D) and also full screen support. Still working on display modes, currently it’s just 640x480x32.

Here’s r3 (improperly titled r2 in the title) of jBomber.

Be forwarned, this is a super super super alpha version, and doesn’t reflect the quality that the final game may have (if I ever finish a project :P.) I take no responsibility if your computer corrupts from running this, or for some reason bomberman comes to your house and puts a cap in you. 🙂

Controls: W A S D to move white, SPACE to bomb. I J K L and ; to move/bomb for black. Red and Blue are currently using my AI method which just makes them attempt random directions, so they will never place bombs, and are simply pawns for your destruction >:D

I will eventually add multiple match games and ability to select which players are CPU controlled and which are PLAYER controlled in a future version, as well as most likely, joypad support and control editations.

ONE last note: If anyone has some royalty free art I could use for the game, it would be appreciated, as right now I’m using sprites from the NES version of the game, and since this is a fan game, I hope it won’t be taken the wrong way (as I have no plans of ever selling this.) I am no artist, and therefore, the game could look a lot better if had a common theme to it, or multiple tilesets for different areas, etc.

All rights for the player and bomb art go to Hudson Soft, and also the core game elements.


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