N+ XBLA Review

This week, I’ll be reviewing an older, but high quality, XBLA (Xbox live arcade) title. N+. This game, is a meld of action and puzzle, that is executed so well, that nothing but pure bliss can pursue.

In each level, you must use the way of the ninja, or “N”, to avoid deadly obstacles and enemies, whilst collecting gold to up your score, and add more time to the clock. There is always a door switch in the level, which opens the exit, and leads to the next level. Also, there are many multiplayer modes, including survival, race, and co-op.

The menus are sleek and modern, and are not sluggish in the least. You now, must plow through 5 levels per world, and of course, if you get frustrated and quit, you must start from the beginning! There are no lives, though, so it’s all a matter of patience (unless you happen to start a level without enough time to possibly complete it!) This whole XBLA arcade release is based off of the flash game N, made by Metanet. Although this new game is made by Slick Entertainment, Metanet still had a lot of say in the direction the game took. The major short coming, is that you cannot share levels with other people, unless they consent, and you play that level together (which is quite a lot of work to share a level with another player. ) In the flash game, there is a community site for uploading levels, and anyone can download them, but thanks to Microsoft, this is not possible in N+ for reasonable security reasons. There are, however, map packs coming out for N+ (with one already out with 150 easy levels and 50 new co-op levels) that are 200 MSP each.

This game is available for 800 MSP on the Xbox Live Marketplace, or you can download the older version, for free (without multiplayer of course, but with free level sharing between peers) from metanet here.

I will leave you, this time, with a gameplay video from N+


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