Fun Coffee-Break Game: Lost Labyrinth

I came across this gem while scouring the internet one day. It is a “roguelike” game, supporting multiple players on hotseat (on computer) and many randomly generated dungeons. This is a fun game to play for a few minutes or to try to conquer by state saving.

You have to keep yourself for starving and dying of thirst, while maintaining light to see your enemies, avoid traps, cure poison, be wary of poisoned mushroom, potions, etc., all while trying to increase your score to win a place on the local or perhaps online scoreboard! This is a very dynamic game. Potions can be mixed, items can be bought and sold, and your character can be customized with tons of attributes.

Staying true to the rogue spirit, the idea is to try and stay alive, while collecting lots of gold. When you die, it’s a permanent game over and you are logged to the high-score board (although you can easily back up the .xml save files and resume play by pasting in each time.)

Another nifty thing about this game, is that there are “sub-dungeons” per se. These dungeons hous

different challenges and more loot to find! Although the danger can significantly increase. There are also random boss spawns in this game. Another cool feature, is rooms. These rooms are question mark tiles, but when walking into them, a random room is created. This could be anything from a merchant, a band of heroes, or a boss!

The many different attributes you create your character from add a ton of replayability, along with randomly generated dungeons, and multiplayer support. Although the game does not network yet, a newer version is being worked on in PureBasic over here. (windows and linux)

The original, classic version, and what I built this description upon, can be found here. (windows only)

The Original Rogue for DOS
Dos emulator (DosBox) (multi-platform by the way!)

That’s my opinion on this gem of a game. Check back for more as I find them!


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