My Quest to Quench Nostalgia… by Nostalgy!

The Splash Screen of Drak

A long time ago, on my very first computer ever (386) I played a game known as Drak. I only ever had the shareware version, but dreamt of having the full version to play all 100 levels. A few years later, I remembered this dream, but found to my dismay, that the company the sold the game was out of business, and there was barely any trace on the internet the game had ever existed! So now, my quest begins many years after that, to find the full version of that game!

– I have found version 140, 160, and 200 but only demos

– I have now contacted the owner of Nostalgy (previously Enypsox)

– Update: The Nostalgy email came back as no longer existing after 3 days

– I have contacted the internet broker that sold the game to see if they still have it in archives

– While still waiting back from the emails, I found a drak200 file that is about 1 mb in size with no extension.
This file can be found here.

Screenshot of DrakScreenshot of Drak

Any help in finding this game would be tremendous! Please help me if you can!

Click here to download the 200 demo version to try it out for yourself!


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  1. Big fan of Drak too– just curious, did you ever track down the full version of this game? I’ve looked practically everywhere for it and have gotten nothing, unfortunately!

    That’s one of the downsides of abandonware, I guess; sometimes gems like this are lost forever.

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