Logitech G5 Laser Mouse Review

Well, I’ve ran a variety of tests from self-feel tests to actual hardware tests and the Logitech G5 is one heck of great bargain! For fifty dollars (which seems like a lot at first for something as simple as a mouse) allows use of the best mouse I have ever used! The accuracy of the mouse is extremely good thanks to the advanced laser technology.

The G5 Laser Slot

Image of the laser mechanism on the G5

Also, mouse spin-outs (where the mouse spins in an FPS or flicks to a part of the screen) is history! The laser tracks well on pretty much any surface without producing any light! Also, you can add weights that come with it to tune it to your every whim! I highly recommend this mouse to anyone interested in using it for anything from office work to pro gaming. I do have a few minor gripes, but I will specify below.


– Great sensitivity and on-the-fly adjustment of dpi
– Good support for 32 and 64 bit windows, as well as Vista
– Software allows adjustment of dpi and many other settings
– Rubberized handle and shape are great for right-handed mousers
– Customizable weight for extreme control over the way it feels and performs
– Mouse displays current dpi level for easy acknowledgment

– The middle mouse buttons is very hard to press without scrolling the wheel
– There is only one thumb button (the newer version has two but is more costly)
– May need to seek guide to disable ps/2 mouse checking in the bios (not really a fault of Logitech just a con of moving to a usb mouse)


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