Hanns·G HX192D Monitor Review

The Hanns G HX192D

The HX192D LCD from Hanns G

I recently purchased a 19″ Hanns G monitor, and so far I’ve been very impressed. Right out of the box the first thing I noticed was the extremely high brightness. This was quickly remedied by setting the brightness to 30 (which is what is what I still run it at today.) After setting the brightness I noticed something quite annoying. A stuck pixel. The stuck pixel was bottom right and bright red. I was a little annoyed by it but luckily, about three days later, it disappeared on its own (and a couple hours of running JScreenFix basic and afterwards rubbing it for about one minute.) Ok, so I really wanted it gone!

The second thing I did was check on the refresh rates. I was able to run it at 1280×1024 (the native resolution) at 75 hz. One annoyance is, that at full black, there is minor light bleeding mainly from the top of the screen. This isn’t a big deal to me since my primary use is for gaming (which the 2ms response of this monitor definitely helps) and for web activity. Also, the speakers are definitely something you should never use. They sound almost as bad as the old Game Boy color’s sound! If you want this monitor for watching movies I wouldn’t aim for it since the light bleed could get distracting during dark scenes.

Here’s a quick list of pro’s and con’s I’ve compiled since I got the monitor:


– Good response and refresh rate
– Great colors, brightness, and contrast ratio
– Menus are easy to navigate and self-explanatory
– Looks nice and is black (which I consider a pro)
– Stand is sturdy and won’t fall over


– Speakers are horrible (would have been better if left out completely)
– Came with a stuck pixel (easily fixed but still a con)
– Screen takes a few seconds to start which makes dos messages hard to read in time

Update: Do not buy this monitor. I and many people have had issues with low quality capacitors. The monitor lasted for less than 2 years before completely dying on me.



  1. great lcd ,but does not last,we scrapped 3 at work .I finely took one apart and found 5 capacitors ready to blow I could not believe it, all 3 have same problem what a shame for this co. I would not by another .

  2. i dont know if it has to do with the monitor, i have the same one, but it wont work when i connect a VGA cable from the monitor to a laptop. the only thing that shows is the windows start up window. then the light in the ON button goes orange, and says that there is no signal.

  3. I have 2 of these monitors. One stopped working for the above mentioned capacitor issue. It’s an easy fix with a soldering iron and 6 capacitors. Google the model number you will find the fix. Also if curious wiki Capacitor Plague. Haans g were not the only ones affected by capacitor plague. I believe Hanns G even provided the info on how to fix the monitor. How many manufactures do that!!!

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